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1-dimension 2-dimensions

Generation: 0

This is my (slow) javascript (using jQuery) implementation of a cylclic celluar automaton. The grid/display/automata is all done with html/css.

you can manualy chose colors by clicking the current generations grid,or you may just randomize and crank the automaton for n or infinite steps. if you wish to change the dimensions, you may do so between 1 and 2 dimensions. also you may adjust the size and number of colors as well.

note: the changes to the size and number of dimensions will not take effect until you clear/adjust the automaton. Read more about cyclic automaton here: Cyclic Cellular Automaton

warning: large 2-dimensional automaton will be extremely slow. also, too many generations of a 1-dimensional automata will eventually slow your browser to ahault.. you've been warned.... There is a stop button for such cases...